Political Action Committee

Western Energy Alliance has a non-partisan, multi-candidate federal Political Action Committee (PAC) to support candidates for federal office who value the role of the oil and natural gas industry in the West. Our PAC strives to educate candidates on the important issues and concerns our industry faces in these challenging times.

The overarching goal of Western Energy Alliance is to improve the climate for oil and natural gas businesses in the West. Responsible development drives our economy and access to inexpensive, reliable energy is vital to putting our economy on the right track. We work with PAC recipients to implement policies that encourage oil and natural gas exploration and production while fighting overregulation and other detrimental policies. The PAC contributes to candidates who have a strong track record of supporting oil and natural gas development and meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Represent a western state
  • Occupy key Congressional committee assignments
  • Advance legislation that encourages domestic energy development
  • Oppose incumbents who are hostile to our industry